Using LearnDash

LearnDash is the training platform NAPWHA is using to deliver the online component of the HPN training program. The online training is developed and kept up-to-date by NAPWHA’s Learning Projects Officer (LPO). The LPO is your first point of contact for any questions about LearnDash or the training content. They can be reached by e-mail.

The program is divided into units that you can complete one at a time until the training is complete.

In each unit there are lessons that are broken up into topics with one page per topic.

Dividing up the course enables you to tackle one topic at a time, and lets the LPO track your progress in case you need a check-in.

To track your progress, always hit the ‘Mark Complete’ button at the bottom of the page before moving onto the next lesson or topic. In the sidebar, the icon for that topic/lesson will change to a solid green tick, indicating you have completed that content. Then you can easily see where to begin next time. You can also use the sidebar to jump back/forward in the sequence of topics (for example, to review material you covered earlier).

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