Partnering with HIV peer navigators

Anthony, Sarah and Aashvin are non-Indigenous HIV peer navigators from Living Positive Victoria

HIV peer navigators are people living with HIV who are employed to support other people with HIV. They offer assistance in finding services, understanding health information, and connecting with other people with HIV and community groups and events.

There may not be an HIV peer navigator from an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background available to support your client. We are encouraging Aboriginal Health Workers to partner with HIV Peer Navigators to support clients with HIV. In these partnerships, the person with HIV can choose who they want their primary contact, the AHW or the HPN, or to have meetings with both workers at the same time.

NAPWHA offers training for HIV Peer Navigators that includes basic skills for cultural safety and responsiveness. This training emphasises that the AHW and the person with HIV are the experts on their culture, community and lived experience. It encourages the HPN to listen carefully and be guided by the client and AHW on offering HIV-specific information and support.