Putting it all together

This page offers a checklist of all the things you might think about when supporting a client getting older with HIV.

Managing health and wellbeing

  • HIV and age-related comorbidities and frailty
  • Cognitive health including neurocognitive decline and HAND
  • Physical health and health behaviours (exercise, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco and other drug use)
  • Mental / emotional wellbeing (finding a sense of purpose, managing depression, anxiety, trauma)
  • Disability and rehabilitation
  • Sexual health, sexuality and gender identity
  • Dental and oral health
  • Sleep health
  • Polypharmacy management

Social connection

  • Intimate partner, family and peer relationships
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Social and peer support
  • Participation and taking part
  • Mobility and transport

Future care and support

  • Safe, secure and affordable housing
  • Ageing in place and in-home care
  • Carer and respite support
  • Longer-term and residential aged care support
  • Advance care planning and powers of attorney
  • End of life planning and palliative care
  • Financial planning
  • Wills and estates

Cultural safety

  • Safety and freedom from violence
  • Experiences and impacts of intersecting forms of stigma and discrimination (HIV-related, ageism, racism, homo- / bi- / transphobia)
  • Inclusive and accessible services
  • Managing disclosure, privacy and confidentiality

Systems change

  • Having a voice and advocacy
  • Policy change and service quality
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