Ageing is a process

Ageing is a universal experience. It is common to all living species on the planet.

From birth, we all begin the process of ageing. But how we age, and the factors that influence the process can be complex and unpredictable.

The US National Institute of Aging associates the ageing process with:

“changes in dynamic biological, physiological, environmental, psychological, behavioral, and social processes. Some age-related changes are benign, such as graying hair. Others result in declines in function of the senses and activities of daily life and increased susceptibility to and frequency of disease, frailty, or disability.”[1]

There are many different views about what it means to be “old” or “older”.

We might consider someone of a particular biological age to be old. We might consider whether someone has an illness or disability as an indicator of age. We might also consider whether someone is independent or relies on others for help.

We might even look to whether a person has a young or old mindset and outlook on life.

A few things are certain. Ageing is a natural process. We are all getting older. We all have the potential to age well.


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