NAPWHA Learning Podcast

Our goal is to share something interesting you can watch in the time it takes to consume a hot beverage. Many episodes are short segments from longer webinars. They feature community members talking about their lives, as well as subject matter experts discussing issues relevant to the HIV workforce in Australia. You are welcome to share comments about the podcast on the YouTube page for each episode.

About the host

The podcast is hosted by Daniel Reeders, a queer and nonbinary person with disability who is the Senior Project Officer for the NAPWHA Learning initiative. Daniel has been working in the community-based response to HIV since 2004 and in HIV social research since 2014. They have a particular passion for trauma-informed practice, safe storytelling and health equity.

Podcast themes

You can find all of the podcast episodes on our YouTube page or choose from a themed collection below.

Reaching Out to International Students

NAPWHA’s networks convenor Jimmy Chen shares his experience as a former international student.
Prof Limin Mao shares research findings on the needs and experiences of Asian-born gay, bi+ and queer men who have been diagnosed with HIV in Australia.
Health literacy expert Dr Michael Camit speaks about opportunities to reach international students about HIV.
Dr Nick Medland is an HIV clinician and social researcher who shares his findings on international students.

Bi+ Health and HIV

Steve Spencer talks about coming out as Bi+ and living with HIV.
Steven talks about living with HIV in an Australian regional town.
Steph Lee shares their life experience as a Bi+ nonbinary person living with HIV.
Panel discussion and Q&A for the Bi+ Health and HIV webinar.

Beyond Resilience

Beyond Resilience was the first-ever virtual congress for all people with HIV across Australia, held on Wed 10th November 2023 and co-facilitated by Daniel Reeders and Christabel Millar. NAPWHA gratefully acknowledges the support of ViiV Healthcare Australia which made the event possible.

Anth McCarthy shares the experience of heterosexual men living with HIV.
Bev Greet shares her experience as an Indigenous woman living longer with HIV.
Emil shares reflections on how we can better support emerging leaders in the HIV response.
Hayden Patterson reflects on the smaller jurisdictions’ experience of HIV.
Indigenous HIV elder Michelle Tobin reflects on the Indigenous voices that are missing or unheard.
Mutinta shares her experiences as an African Australian woman living with HIV.
Nic Holas shares his thoughts on how we can better support emerging leaders.
Sarah Feagan shares reflections on how we can better support emerging and diverse leaders.