Participate in a Zoom call

Zoom has a number of features that make it easier to take part in meetings with lots of participants.

The call window

We have already introduced the microphone and video camera buttons. We will introduce the rest of the window step-by-step.

When you are ready to speak

  • The smiley face button offers a small menu of reactions you can send while someone is speaking.
  • The clapping hands reaction puts a small animation of applause and it shows your appreciation.
  • You can also click the Raise Hand button to signal that you would like to say something.
  • When it is your turn to speak, remember to unmute yourself and turn your webcam on!
  • When you are done speaking, go back to the smiley face button and click ‘lower hand.’

Seeing who is on the call and chatting with them

  • There is a button to display the Participants panel which will show you who else is on the call.
  • There is another button for Chat, although you may need to click the […] More button to see it.
  • On webinar calls there may be another button for Q&A, so participants can ask questions.
  • Chat and Q&A are ways of communicating with hosts, panellists and other participants that don’t require you to speak in the call or meeting. In the HIV community they are often used to share supportive comments and feedback with speakers, presenters, panellists, etc.
  • In the Chat window, you can tap ‘To: Everyone’ to pick a specific person and chat only with them. However, the facilitators of the call will be able to read everything you say in one-on-one chats! If you need to communicate in confidence, use another method like e-mail or a text message.

Sharing your screen

  • You might use the Share Screen (green arrow) button if you wanted to show call participants a PowerPoint presentation or video.
  • We are not going to cover this in-depth, as it gets confusing pretty fast. Please talk to the facilitator of the Zoom call you are joining ahead of time to get their advice and support. You may want to e-mail them the document you want to share onscreen so they can share it from their side.
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