Connect to a Zoom call

Using the Zoom app on a device or computer

Getting the call started

  • Open the Zoom app from the applications menu on your device.
  • Log into Zoom using the e-mail address and password you created earlier.
  • Open the e-mail you received after registering for a Zoom meeting or webinar.
  • Click the link in that e-mail to open the call in the Zoom application.

Audio and video settings on the call

This is what the main call window looks like. Don’t panic, we’ll explain it bit-by-bit.

The icons at the bottom of the window are buttons you can press to control your engagement with the call.

  • The microphone button can be clicked to mute your audio. It is essential to do this when someone else is speaking, otherwise your background noise can distract other meeting participants. However, you will need to learn to unmute yourself before speaking!
  • The camera button can be clicked to turn your webcam on or off. In general, it is polite to keep your video active, but you might choose to stop showing your video if you are finding the conversation particularly intense and need a moment of privacy.
  • Both the microphone and camera buttons have a little ^ arrow beside them. Click each arrow to show a menu of audio options and webcam settings.
  • If you can’t hear any audio, or people on the call can’t hear you speaking, it is likely the wrong options are selected in this menu. Try them one by one until you find the combination that works for listening and speaking!
  • If you have budget for it, a $30 USB (wired) or Bluetooth (wireless) headset will do wonders for your Zoom experience. It combines a microphone and headphones. It ensures that speech is clear and you’re not blasting the call with background noise.
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