HPN Training (3) Client Work

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Peer Navigation
(2) Client Work

This unit is part of a training program available free to people living with HIV who are working as peer navigators. If that’s you, and you’re interested in taking part, please contact the NAPWHA Learning Projects Officer (LPO).

About this module

Peer navigation involves using your personal experience and training to support clients to get the most out of the services and supports available in your local area. This means working face-to-face and via phone and video calls, using your communication skills to build rapport and help solve problems. Often, care is available from multiple sources that focus on their own particular issue, without much overall coordination. So peer navigators support clients to ‘bridge’ these multiple kinds of care to meet their overall needs. This module covers skills, techniques and frameworks to achieve this.

Learning objectives

  1. Participants understand key values and frameworks
  2. Participants can choose and adapt a range of communication techniques according to client needs
  3. Participants can assess, document and plan to meet client needs
  4. Participants can assess and monitor the match between client and worker
  5. Participants can respond to client needs both planned and emergent
  6. Participants can assist and advocate for clients

Getting started

Modules in LearnDash are divided into Lessons, and in each lesson there are Topics.

  • In the content outline below, click Expand All to see all the Lessons and Topics.
  • To begin the Module, click the first Topic under the first Lesson heading.

You begin each Lesson by clicking the first Topic in the content outline. In this case, you would click ‘Learning Your Story’ topic under the ‘Telling your story’ Lesson to get started.

  • When you complete each topic, click ‘Mark Complete‘ at the bottom of the Topic page.
  • When you complete all the topics in a lesson, click ‘Mark Complete‘ at the bottom of the Lesson page.

Remember to hit Mark Complete! This will help you track where you’re up to in the outline. The tick-mark beside each Lesson or Topic will turn solid green when you have completed that material.


There are two kinds of assessment:

  1. In topic pages, there are Exercises that are optional, but recommended as a way to develop your understanding.
  2. At the end of a topic, you may find Assessment Tasks. Assessment tasks are completed in a Workbook – a Word document that you download at the beginning of the unit. You upload the completed workbook with your answers at the end of a unit.

When you upload completed workbooks, they go to the NAPWHA LPO and your supervisor/manager for feedback. The feedback offers appreciation for your strengths and may also identify additional learning opportunities.

Talk with your supervisor or manager about whether you want to complete assessment for the program.

Completed assessments from this program can be documentation for recognition of prior learning for a TAFE qualification in community services.

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