Governance Basics

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About this module

This module covers foundational knowledge about governance — in other words, understanding and making use of the formal opportunities to contribute to the long-term success of an organisation. In-person training will also provide tips and strategies about leadership — which means the ability to have an influence at every level of your involvement with an organisation or community.

Learning objectives

  1. Participants can reflect on their story and refine it, knowing which aspects they feel comfortable sharing, and which aspects may be more difficult.
  2. Participants are conscious of moments where disclosure could occur as well as reasons and skills for disclosing.
  3. Participants can recognise and express boundaries, and identify alternative strategies for meeting reasonable client support needs.
  4. Participants become aware of potential stressors and triggers, both prior to and during their work, and they can identify self-care practices and members of their support network that can help them maintain wellbeing.
  5. Participants will reflect on their wellbeing, perspective, and practice on their own and with others.

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There are no assessments for this module but reading all the materials is mandatory for eligibility to take part in the in-person training days.