Essential skills for connecting and engaging online

Why did we create this training

This is a short and easy to read training module we have initially created for participants in the BOLDER (Better, Older) community. With the BOLDER initiative we intend to build the community through personal referrals. Existing participants and peer support workers may identify someone in particular who could benefit from connecting and engaging with other people living longer with HIV. The person referring someone to the BOLDER group will provide that person with informal support and encouragement to join the Zoom calls. This may involve a certain amount of technical support! You can use this module to learn at your own pace how to engage with a Zoom call and how to support another person to do the same.

How long will the training take

The training will take you about 15-20 minutes to read. We recommend working through each lesson step-by-step, and only moving onto the next lesson when you feel confident you can complete the key tasks in joining and participating in a Zoom call.

What are the learning objectives

By the end of this training you will be able to —

  • Download and install Zoom on your device or computer
  • Reduce the cost of internet data when joining a Zoom call
  • Join a Zoom call and setup your audio and video
  • Speak in a Zoom meeting
  • Engage with other participants

The final lesson contains advice for people supporting a person to take part in a Zoom call, such as the BOLDER meetings.

Moving through the module

To tick off each lesson as you learn it, and track your progress through the module, you want to click two buttons at the bottom of each page: click Mark Complete first and then click Next Lesson.

You can skip back or ahead by clicking a Lesson title in the left-hand column.

Starting the module

To start, click on the first topic ‘What is Zoom’ in the list below.